In a World Full of Kardashians - Be an Ada

When I was a little devil, I had a dreaming mind. I would listen to music and imagine stories in my head. I loved the movie, “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and envisioned my own cartoon canine running beside the family car. I even had long sticks in which I horribly tried to enact Abigail's staff fighting form in the hit sitcom, Xena.

I have met Ada before but never in any intimate or real way. Therefore, I have never really met her until the photoshoot.  Once I did, I was reminded of my younger daydreaming self. More importantly, the self I wish I was at her age. Not only does Ada’s name sounds like it belongs in the next Star Wars movie, but this tiny heroin was captivating. She encompassed imagination, wonder, excitement, and strength all in one 9-year-old body. This says a lot because I have always felt anything younger than 14 was too young for me to acknowledge anything interesting in a conversation but alas, Ada is not that kind of girl.

This photoshoot represents how girls, young women, and adults are not just one shade of color. We are many things and should not be defined by one stigma or even two.  Though I personally tend to stigmatize myself as a hippie that is vegetarian and loves yoga, I also like to dress up and pay a pretty penny beauty products. I am by no means a minimalist nor hoarder of any sort. I am both and so is Ada in her own light.

Though Ada’s attention span was as I expected of a restless mind, I watched her and guided her through some poses when she had a sparkle of clarity.  She was excited at first, ready to strike a pose even before the camera was ready. However, other times, she wanted to climb trees, play pine cone throwing games, and eat snacks. She was curious and just wanted to live life, live in the moment, and not be restrained. How could I restrain such a free spirit?  I didn't. When she was ready or when her mother rained her back to this earth did I make attempts to snag a picture.

On the flip side - Ada is a great actress when she tries. When I told her to imagine her enemy behind a rock or bush so she could get into character, she quickly understood the command. She narrowed her eyes, stuck a defensive/offensive pose and glared passed her weaponry. Later, When her mom told me Ada truly believed she had mutant powers, my husband and I confirmed even more indefinitely that Ada was one-of-a kind. And not in a “everyone special” kind of way. But she had an imagination and intelligence that impressed my husband who also does not share excitement about being around young ones - though amazingly patient man.

Ada is an impressive and strong-willed individual. I hope she carries that through her younger years and older age. I see her finding that true balance in life that enables her to carry her childlike spirit now into her adulthood. If she believes, she will be a strong Warrior Queen she imagines herself to be now. That kind of Ada is the kind I still aspire to be today.

Hairstyling by Madeline Pidgeon: Click here to go to her FB page.

Portraits of A Rebel Infant Heart

As soon as I walked into the door, you can tell little Rebecca was ahead of the game. She was wide awake and hanging out in her mother's arms. As she waved her fist, I felt she was signaling me go to work. After I cooed back at her for the cuteness overload, I acknowledged her order and dashed to the car for my things.

Baby portraits are not my specialty. You cannot tell them how to pose. You cannot tell them to "smile with the eyes," or move a shoulder forward. In fact, they do their own thing. After two weeks, a baby has a mind of their own. There is a grace period where they are just tolerating you playing dress up, snapping photos, adjusting lights.

After Rebecca's grace period (around 15 minutes)...she was ready to rebel, disobey any photographer's order and pee all over her mother when without a diaper.

She was my kind of gal!

Rebecca was grunting her commands to end the affair. She would kick off all her costumes with ferocity, waved her arms about, and went crossed eyed for a bit.  Even as her mother fed her milk, it was only fuel to the flame. It was only near the end of the shoot that she seemed to relax and sleep in her mother's arms with a warm belly full of milk (lasted 10 minutes).

I was determined to get SOME photos of Rebecca and though this adorable Katniss was already taking on the world, I was able to snap some decent portraits of her!

After Kristen gave birth, I impatiently awaited my turn to meet her bundle. I must say, it was worth the wait. She is going to be fierce and a strong willed lady. I am excited to see her grow up as a lil warrior like her parents.

Also... she is one CUTE baby!


A Gift Beyond the Digital

There is something to be said for when you watch your client unravel their folio box. I got to provide this service for the first time and let me tell you, the work and time is worth the wait.

The day my current closest friend told me she was pregnant with her first child, I was I super shocked and glad for her. Then, I was excited when she agreed to my doing her pictures. I decided to use her as my guinee pig and have her images printed and matted so I could present her images in a folio box. This was the direction I have been dying to go with my business and this was the perfect opportunity to try.

We spent six hours together for the photoshoot. The first hour was for her hair in which I wanted soft curls. The next hour was for her makeup. Thanks to Justina Ford, the transformation was priceless! Kristen's skin was radiating, her eyes glowed, and her hair bounced and flowed like one of her goddess characters from her 6-book series: Daughters of the Sea. I couldn't be more happy and I was so so so ready to start!

Kristen just so happens to be one of my favorite personally types to photograph. She brings a positive energy that is contagious. She has a free child-like spirit and before you know it, you are bouncing to her tune. On top of which, she's down for anything...ANYTHING. Don't worry though. I fed her fruit, sparkling drinks (non-alcoholic), mega stuffed oreos and bean hummus to get us through the day. I wouldn't let a preggo lady hanging for six hours!

The baby shower was the big reveal. I was so nervous. My gift was meant to be last so as I watched her open all the other gifts, I was fidgeting. When it was my turn, I held the gift in my hands (since it was a little heavy) and watched her slide off the white bow that my husband crafted two nights ago. Next was the pink wrapping paper that revealed a black folio box that had the words JPJ PHOTOGRAPHY inscribed in silver. This design I would personally not choose again but was slick and got the presentation I wanted overall. When she carefully opened the lid to reveal her first image, she immediately shut it. "That's not me!" she said with big eyes. I smiled.

One by one she looked at the images I had struggled to matt and print for the first time since college and I could tell she loved them. All my worry about all the mistakes I had made started to float away. Later that day she made me really enjoy the hard labor I had put into the photos in private that made my heart soar.

I learned A LOT about printing and what to do better next time. Though I made mistakes, I am so full of joy that I was able to do this for my close friend. She has been there for me at my lowest this past year and I am grateful I had her to get me by when I had no one. Giving this to her was like giving my heart. No CD or digital transfer could replace that great feeling of watching her unwrap my folio box and seeing her face as she first laid eyes on each image. 

It was a gift beyond the digital.

Don't Forget To Prep! Here Are 5 Tips To Ensure You Photoshoot-Ready

Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.
— Lady Gaga

There is a lot to remember for a photoshoot and it can seem overwhelming especially if it is your first rodeo. No worries though, I have outlined five tips for you to remember...and you should be all set!

Check those nails, girl

If you have a photoshoot, please please please make sure you have a fresh, non-chipped manicure/pedicure or no nail polish at all. It is extra work on the photographer to pretty that mess up. If you want to look glamorous, sophisticated and sexy... take care of those nails!

Also, make sure the nail polish isn't too bright. Unless you and the photographer have worked something out where neon colors work for your look, those bright colors are distracting! There is nothing worse than an elegant and hot pose being overlooked by a bright yellow you can see from space.

Hack down the forest

There is a new movement for women to let their armpit hair grow out. If you are one of those ladies, more power to you! Celebrate it and work it.

However, if you do NOT want that in your photographs, do yourself a favor....hack it! One of the hardest things to Photoshop is hairy legs and armpits. It takes too long to remove and it's more work, and though I have successfully removed some hairs with a miracle and sweat... there have been other times, where God himself cannot help me out.

Therefore, I keep extra razors at my house in case....but it would probably be less embarrassing if you just cut down those trees before the shoot!

Clean the oil spill

Oily hair can be difficult to manage. I am talking about super oily hair where even the dry shampoo gets tired. Expect your hair to be braided or for me to grundify your look so the rest of you is on the same page as your hair.

However, if you come into a shoot with fresh hair that morning or the night before, you will provide the hair stylist with a clean canvas. It will also allow the hair stylist to give you some lift and volume for a lil Beyonce bounce if you wanted. And even if you want the sleek Karrueche look, the hair stylist can give you a silky, clean, straight look.


Having dry skin is not too critical in that it can be easily fixed. I always keep lotion in the studio or around the house because I personally live on the stuff. However, if you get a photographer that doesn't have a studio or doesn't have lotion, then you might want to think about coming prepared. Lotioning-up the body makes the skin look radiant, healthy, and adds to a magazine finish. You can try to photoshop the sheen into the skin, but natural is always best and more realistic.

However, don't go overboard and oil yourself up. Unless you are doing it for a cool workout look, you don't want to be a seal in your portrait!

Come fresh with makeup at hand

Don't wear makeup to the photoshoot if there is a makeup artist (MUA) on set. By doing this, it helps the MUA ensure you are moisturized enough,  foundation is well-applied, has the opportunity to cover up any blemishes, and etc. If you are worried about the MUA not having the right shade, by all means, bring some of your own foundation to ensure you are correctly done-up.

Also, some MUA's recommend bringing your own mascara seeing that it is not hygienic to share mascara.  However, some makeup artists have disposable applicators, but it's best to be safe than sorry!

Those are my five tips! If you have tips of your own that you think other could benefit from, please comment down below! Share the love!

3 Mindsets to Bring to a Photoshoot

We all have the light we need. We just need to put it to practice. - Albert Pike

Be Positive. 

Some photographers can expel negative energy like a priest and whether they have had years of experience building a shield or was simply born out of the womb with a metal helmet, these strong photographers get through a shoot without any harm to their pride.

However, I think for the majority of photographers out there, whether conscious of it or not, are affected by negative energy. I know that when someone is exuding a deep self-hate, it makes me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I understand what it is to be insecure because I feel that everyday, BUT to comment how you hate your hair, lips, body on a consistent basis can not only make your photographer uncomfortable, but will also affect your shoot. I will always try to combat with positivity but at the end of the day, hearing all that jumble can make the people around you feel aweful as well.

And let's just say you get a photographer that doesn't let it affect could affect how YOU look. The camera can lie for you or against you. I had one client that seemed sad even when she smiled. As much as I tried to make her feel at home, I was uncomfortable and sad for her. It breaks my heart that even during a photoshoot, one can carry that burden on her shoulders.

So come in with a good tude. Do yoga, practice in the mirror, exercise, drink a smoothie, or do whatever  to start your day right so that when you step in front of the lens, you exude your best self and frankly, have fun! A photoshoot is supposed to be a time for you to celebrate you being alive, celebrate your blessings, and to feel like queen of the world. 

Don't be paranoid. 

A photoshoot with a professional photographer isn't a selfie event. You can't turn around and say..."let me see" for every picture taken. Trust the photographer. You obviously chose them for a reason not around money. If you did chose around money then that was your first mistake. Otherwise, trust your instincts and trust your photographer.

If you are person with negative energy, I do not for the sake of my sanity let you see ANY photographs. People struggle to understand that even though what I capture is great, it is not the final product. And if you are a critical person, even more so you are not going to see my pictures until completely ready.

I am proud of my work and though I have grown in my post process and photoshop skills, I am still learning.  Thus, showing an overly critical person their pictures can not only hurt their mindset, but my mindset as well. Therefore, for the sake of both parties, don't pressure your photographer to show you their photos. 

Instead, use that energy to something good. Instead of focusing on what the image looks like, focus on your photographer's instructions. Modeling isn't an easy job. You have to think about your eyes, hands, and hold awkward postures until you get it right. Therefore, channel your energy into focusing on instructions. Think about how you look fierce, feminine, and gorgeous. That will seep out when you see your final photos.

Be excited or be relaxed.

I had one client that was thrilled to be photographed. His energy drove my energy. It is a big compliment when someone is excited to do a photoshoot with you because that client sees the value in your work. No other emotion can make you stand taller and stronger.

When I meet a client that is hopped up and ready to go, I am like an overly excited Italian Greyhound puppy. I am jumping all over the place and falling all over myself - in a good way. I am eager to please and I can think clearer. Instead of worrying about if you are going to love or hate what I do, I can concentrate on delivering the best of my ability. I can focus on the lighting, your posing, the props. I can see your hands, lips, eyes, and pose all at once while also making sure I have the right settings on my camera. Excitement is fuel, positive, and fun.

I had another client who was just relaxed and going with the flow. She was down for anything and open to suggestions. She was freezing because of the fan but because she pushed through it, I have one my favorite photographs I have ever taken. I had an exuberant amount of fun and I produced my best work out of that shoot. 

Bring excited energy or be relaxed; either way, be positive and let your self criticism fly out the door at least for that day. You owe yourself that much.

If you liked this post, please share and comment below. What are your qualms when it comes to a photoshoot?

6 Photographers That Have Inspired Me

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
— Henry Adams

When it comes to CreativeLive, I am like a child crying for her pacifier. I want to learn and buy everything. And though my wallet does not agree with that childlike "Give IT" mentality, I have been fortunate enough to watch the free, live classes and purchase some classes as well.

As creative makers, there is no way we are not influence by successful photographers and even more so when those photographers teach. Thanks to CreativeLive, I have been able to not only expand my skill set as a photographer, I have been inspired through tears and smiles by these photographers below. Little do they know what impact they leave with their followers. I am so grateful that a resource like CreativeLive exists for me to continue my journey.

I have the following people on my inspiration board so I know what standard I want to hold my work, a standard of what I want to aspire to, and a standard of what emotion I want my work to evoke.

Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden is one of the most creative people I have ever come across. Not only is she inventive, daring, and an endearing hippie, she loves her work and is prideful of her creative vision. She opened a door where I could create my own universe with few items and no makeup artist. She just goes for it and makes things work. Alas, her style and creative knack is breath taking.

Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce is the photographer that showed me what I want to do with my life. I could write a whole blog post on how much of a lens goddess and inspiration she is but, I won't. All I will say, is that her passion is infective and her past is so relatable, she gives you hope that your dream can come true too...thus, JPJ Photography.

Kirsten Lewis

I recently discovered Kirsten when I was fishing for new classes on CreativeLive. Her family portraiture blew me away. Her work is not the boring and cheesy khaki pant and matching shirts, it has a photojournalism touch. Her style is modern and carries a truth to her work that is inspiring and absolutely beautiful. Who knew a kid crying and a father reading with his son would speak much louder than any suburban cheesy smile.  On top of which, she captures the true spirit of the family that makes you sigh with relief.

Lindsey Adler 

Lindsey Adler is my fashion photographer kindred spirit. You know how you look at a dog breed and you can pinpoint a similarity that you say, "That is you if you were a dog, Amber." The same goes with Lindsey's work. If I were to up my skills to her level of success, I feel I would be her. I discovered Lindsey around the same time I got hooked on Sue Bryce. At the time, I related more to Sue because of her lack of equipment whereas Lindsey has all this fancy equipment. However, now that I am growing my studio, I will be saving to gather some higher end photography toys and be looking to Lindsey for guidence.

Lara Jade

Lara Jade is the cutest petite photographer I have ever seen. Though I have not met her in person, seeing her teach on CreativeLive is inspiring. Her story of success gives me hope. Though she has a head start from me by a decade for getting her hands dirty for photography, the fact that she is so young and yet has a lucrative career makes her a motivating force. 

Amanda Diaz

Amanda Diaz's work gives my a mind nuke. She is a shy Canadian photographer and her work is filled with color, contrast, and dramatic flare.  I love how she tells a story. The fact that Amanda gets some of her materials for cheap, like gathering garments from Goodwill, and can still make a high fashion picture is jaw-dropping.

What are you favorite photographers? I would love to hear who influences you! Also, please share the love by sharing this blog. Thanks!

5 Basic Wardrobe Tips For A Photoshoot

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman
— Coco Chanel

Wardrobe is an important visual detail contributing to your personality in a portrait.  Wearing grey puffy sweats versus a red-carpet gown is very telling. Unfortunately, cameras can turn a flattering sweater or a maxi dress into a mushroom ball.  Thus, I decided to provide general tips on what to wear to a photoshoot.

Beware of busy prints

Loud prints are fun, powerful, and can make you stand out in a crowd; however, in portrait photography, it can be very distracting and unnecessary. When you have a busy shirt or dress, the focus can be taken off you and placed more on the garments. 

Before you stomp your foot and yell that your geometric rainbow blouse screams the definition of who you are, one tip I can bestow is to pair your top with a blazer or a cardigan to calm down the in-yo-face garment. I would always try to pair one piece of clothing to a neutral and plain bottom or top. For example, you can wear a busy shirt with black pants or crazy pants with a black or white top. This helps scale back the loudness and bring the focus back on to you.

Second tip would be to study the portraits of photographers. Do they look like they have the skills to give you a fashion portrait for a magazine or poster? Or is their style more like traditional family portraiture? I think this makes a difference between having a classic portrait to a modern portraiture. Make sure you understand what you want and then find the photographer to match it. If you don't know what you want, talk to a couple photographers and see which one makes you excited about booking a session with them.


Bring out the curves

No matter how big or small, curvy or non-curvy you are, you do not have to hide behind baggy clothes to take a flattering photo. Unless you are pregnant, fitted clothes is the route you want to go. This tip does not mean you have to wear a "trampy" outfit with your lady bits hanging out. You just have to keep in mind that baggy clothes can make you look bigger than you are on camera. If you look at the girl below in the empire dress, she is not a very curvy girl and  yet...she kinda looks pregnant. The dress does not flatter her curves and even if she turned to the side, the bottom of the dress would bellow out unattractively. 

By wearing a fitted dress or top, you give the photographer space to pose you in a flattering light. If you are curvy, fitted clothes help the photographer manipulate the lines of your body to hide the unwanted bits and exemplify your beautiful, curvalicious bodice instead. If you are thin, fitted clothes help the poses have more "umph." The purpose is not to have you look like skelator or that you got your boobs or butt done, but to show YOUR body in an attractive feminine manner.

Don't forget the underwear

Remembering to bring a variety of underwear is commonly forgotten. We spend most our time trying to pair our heels with our belts that we forget our neon bra will not pair nicely with the silky gown in your hand. And even if you are well organized and do think of those things, remember to bring variety.

If you are going to a studio where the photographer actually has clothes and own jewelry, you should begin to collect and prepare a variety of undergarments. Make sure they are nude, black, and white (nudes preferred) and different. Bring a strapless, non-strapless, low cut and full coverage bra. Don't forget the lace panties, thong, shape wear and regular panties. All of these will make the photoshoot go smoother no matter what wardrobe mishaps. 

If your photographer is anything like me, they may place you in a dress they had hiding in the closet or wrap you up in tulle. Therefore, underwear should never be forgotten and you will always be prepared!

Uncover the accessories

If the question you ask is...should I bring it? Then answer is YES! Accessories can turn a new years dress into a glamour spread.

The first piece of jewelry I recommend wearing is something with meaning. If your grandmother passed a pair of earrings to you or your husband gave you that ring, wear it! Nothing makes a photograph better than wearing something that means more than the monetary value. The best part is, it is unique to you which will make you love your photographs harder. 

If you are not into jewelry that much or do not have something that is of high personal value, statement necklaces are my favorite. Not that simple jewelry is out of the equation for you down-to-earth girls, but statement jewelry can turn a white beater into a grungy high-fashion spread or a black dress into a glamour gown. Statement earrings have the same effect though I never pair a statement necklace with a it to avoid doing "too much" and keep the focus on you. I am actually a statement necklace hoarder these days.

Communicate with your photographer

It is highly important you communicate with your photographer about what mood and style you are looking for. They should guide you and make suggestions so you can get the desired look. Tell them what you are uncomfortable in, what you want to hide, and what you are most proud of.

Showing your photographer what pictures you love helps give an idea of what you are looking for. However, every professional photographer is an artist; therefore,  show the photographer what photos from THEIR gallery you love and what you hope to see in yours. Obviously, you like the photographer for a particular reason so this conversation would not only help establish a good relationship, but you both can connect on a vision. 

Photographers are not machines spitting out any flavor of style. We are more like brands, with our own logo, our own flavor, and our own relationship. So shop around and see who you connect with. After all, we are humans too and nothing excites us more than a client that is excited and "gets" your work.

Those are my five tips! If you liked these kinds of tips, please comment below and share! :) 

I Wanna Take A Selfie


We live in an age where a celebrity (aka: Kim Kardashian) can take so many selfies, she can sell a book full of them. And as we scoff at her vanity, you cannot lie to yourself about one thing...

You KNOW when you look good. When you see your butt pop out of your curvaceous waist or your makeup is flawless, you want to take a picture! You even take many to find the BEST one and then save it for later so it doesn't seem like you are vain. Either way, you are as Nicki Minaj and Beyonce preach...feeling yourself.

But what is so wrong with that? 

In a world where technology brings visuals to the forefront of our minds constantly, we are struggling with our self image. Have I posted already too many selfies?  Does this filter make my skin look pimply? Does my belly look bloated? Do I have stripper makeup going on?

Look at Jenna Marbles, a Youtube star, and how she is not afraid to vlog without makeup. You will see her in sweats, glasses, and hair tossed all over her hoodie as she sets aside her pink fuzzy slippers and cuddles her Italian Greyhounds. Yet, people have left hate comments saying she looks too UGLY without makeup. Then you have the opposite when it comes to another Youtube star, Nikkie, a makeup artist who shows you a variety of beautiful looks with makeup. Not surprisingly, people have judged her for wearing too much makeup

How many times have you admired a celebrity's spread in a magazine to only turn around and snarl, "It's all photoshopped honey"? We hate on these covers because you THINK you cannot look as good as these celebrities. But the reality is...these people are just like you. They are people. Not aliens. Not demons. Not ghosts. Just people. Therefore, you can easily look like them. 

NO. I don't mean spend thousands on surgery to copy every feature of Jennifer Lawrence or Kyle Jenner. I mean, you can easily have portraits that could be a spread in a magazine and still have that essence of what makes you unique. You just have to find the right photographer. We can even take it a step down and say, you just have to learn how to selfie better!

In fact, these magazine women are just like you in that they did not wake up ready to do a photoshoot (unless they are gross and don't take off their makeup and clothes every night). When these women do a shoot, they have to have their hair and makeup done by a professional, nails primped, and told how to pose by someone else. 

And yet amongst our protesting against photoshop and what magazines sell to us, we seem to back away when it comes to even admitting our self-portraits are anywhere near that level of "ready to be seen by the public." Because of this, we hide away behind our families. We hide behind our jobs. We say we need to lose the weight first. We hide behind other people's opinions and say, we cannot invest in portraits because of [insert excuse x, y, and z].

And why? Because we don't want to look vain?

But what if vanity is a form of self love?  And what if the negativity behind vanity was invented by a self-loather who said, "Ugh! Look at that heifer strutting around. She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. VAIN!" 

We are constantly trying to fit into a confused society. This process is nerve-wrecking and tiresome. What is worse, when another woman has it figured out (aka: Kylie Jenner) and simply just loves herself so freely without a care, we have to tap her shoulder and conclude that her confidence is TOO much. We should instead follow suit in that we should defy society's criticisms and chose to continue to love our bodies via our mini selfie shoots. 

The truth is...nothing is OK anymore. You are always exercising wrong, using the wrong products, following the wrong politicians, loving the wrong things, and being the wrong person. The criticisms won't stop and it probably never will. So why tippy toe around society? As Taylor Swift emotionally declared to her fans during a concert this year, "You are NOT the opinion of someone you do not know."

Therefore, don't worry so much. Fuck society and their "rules." Be vain. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Go get dressed. Take a damn selfie and tell everyone who criticizes you to go and love themselves! 

Afterward, see a photographer to have professional selfies or just take more selfies of yourself because you are...just as beautiful as you think you are. 

Why You Should Buy Professional Portraits

Yes. I would LOVE to take your portrait...because I have the vision.

Yes. I am biased...because I am passionate about what I do.

Yes. You should still get your portrait taken...because you deserve it.

I firmly believe every woman should reach out to a local photographer to record as many stages of her life as possible. Whether she has just turned five, graduated high school or college, is pregnant or just content in her life, every woman should purchase portraits.


Because time is fleeting. You do not get any second back. Every moment your body is aging and you will no longer be that buzzing child, fearless teenager, or curious 20-year-old. You will not get to carry your child in your tummy again and you will not get to marry your spouse for the first time neither.

Photographs stop time.  

When you see a picture of you pregnant with your little  boy, all of a sudden, you feel him kicking underneath your skin. You remember the hot flashes, the sickness, and the joy you felt when you first held him in your arms.

When you see yourself in a portrait when you just turned 16, you will remember the nervousness and fearlessness you carried in your soul. You remember how naive yet at full of life you were.

You re-experiance all these memories! 

The best part is, not only will you have these memories stamped in time, your loved ones now and in the future will be able to remember you. How you were, how you still are, and how you will always be in that time of your life.

I understand that maybe some of you are not happy nor proud of how you look and feel. I understand that you may be allergic to photographs because you do not want to exist forever in the state you are in. After all, who wants to remember parts of them that bring embarrassment, shame, or sadness?

I just want to tell you one thing: You are worth it. 

No matter how big, short, or damaged you perceive yourself to deserve to pamper yourself. You are allowed to celebrate who you are. It's ok to splurge and make that investment.

You should be proud to be a woman. Proud to be a mother, sister, friend. Proud of every curve, every accomplishment and every wrinkle you've earned.

It is important to search for a photographer offering professional hair and makeup so that you can pamper yourself and allow others to bring out that light you carry in a photograph. Research the photographer. Find that connection to their photographs the way you want to be connected to yours.

The transformation can be huge and even unforgivable, but oh so good! You will not regret it.

The best thing about a saturated photography market is that you have an abundance of choice.  Go search for one!

Just remember...cheaper does not mean better. Do your research. Save up for the right photographer. Otherwise, you may hate your experience and never want a portrait again. Do not do this to yourself. Invest in yourself. Find a professional. Not Joe who just bought a Nikon. Ask questions, set expectations, and you should not have a problem.

Exist in photographs! Exist for your loved ones.