Save the Elephants

In case you haven't noticed by my logo, elephants are my favorite animal. One of my huge dreams is to meet one at a sanctuary overseas. Until then, I thought my other dreams of being a full-time photographer could help support the survival of these majestic, huge, smart, and misjudged creatures. Therefore, every time you book a session with JPJ Photography, 10% of the profit goes to the Save The Elephants organization. 

While at least 33,000 elephants are being killed by a variety of reasons outlined below, it is our duty as the human race to band together and stop the poaching and killings of the misunderstand of a "rampage elephant." You can also make a donation at the top of this page to donate to Save The Elephants organization in which 100% of what is received goes into the charity OR go directly to to make a contribution and to learn more about the charity.